At Exquisite Folly we believe in everyone's creativity.  We have delivered workshops at Little Angel Theatre, Ovalhouse, The London Bubble, Hoxton Hall, Southbank Centre, Camberwell Arts Festival and EveryoneEverymum. We offer several different types of workshop but if you would like one designed especially for you then just say hello!

DIY Puppet Disco!

The DIY puppet disco is a a fabulous and creative way to build a puppet and make it come to life.

The Workshop is designed for Adults and Children to work and create together using newspaper and lots of sellotape!

As we disco through different states this workshop fosters cooperation, exploration and imagination and above all it is LOADS OF FUN!

The Secret Story Club

The Secret Story Club uses improvisation techniques to create stories that have never been told before.

This workshop is designed for ages 6 to 106 as a way of unlocking our understanding of how story narrative works.

The workshop can be done as an intensive or over a series of weeks, at the end all of the stories and artwork are published in a book!

Instant Puppetry and Devising Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to puppetry using paper, tape and your imagination - for adults and children alike!

Bring whatever you create to life by making it breathe, move and interact with other puppets. This workshop is about teamwork, concentration and patience.

What you make could be the start of something more, we investigate potential stories and narratives - this works really well as an intensive course.