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So 2020 then...and a quick introduction to Bunraku puppetry.

This is not the blog post I was expecting to write three months into the twinkly twenties. At the start of the year we were looking forward to R&D with the brilliant Theatre Deli as one of their associate companies and bringing back The Lovely Bug Ball along with our new show The Baby Bug Ball later in the year but 2020 has other plans...It's ok though, we are looking at things in a different way and we want to help whilst everyone is confining themselves for the greater good whilst in difficult circumstances. So as a very very small start I have posted up instructions on how to make two of our DIY Puppets, you can find the download links in our 'What's on Page' I hope you enjoy them, if you make them please send us pictures we can try and put together a little gallery. These puppets are very versatile and actually they are the most fun as Bunraku puppets. Bunraku is a style of Japanese table top puppetry where 2-3 people control the actions of one puppet. So if you are with your brothers and sisters or your family try moving the puppets in small sections. For example, if you make the person puppet, one of you can move the head and another the legs.

Puppets live when they are breathing just like people, so work out how your puppet breathes through movement and then go from there. Moving your puppet slowly could also form the basis of stop-motion filming or making a video of your own. Anyone can make puppets come to life adults or kids, the more you concentrate on the puppet the more it lives. I'm going to try and work out how to post some puppet videos soon so if anyone has any animals they would like me to try and make just let me know, just use the say hello page on the website!

Anyway that's it for now, I will try and keep posting as many activities as I can. Stay well everyone, lots of love, Amelia and Exquisite Folly Theatre.

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