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  • Amelia De-Felice

2018, The Story So Far...

Where is 2018 going? How is it already May? A lot has been happening at Exquisite Folly since we we went to Little Angel in January. Since our last post we have moved into a new space in the Old Newington Library, it's tiny and up many many stairs but it's a home that Josie (Exquisite Folly's Associate Artist) and I are very much in love with.

With a new space came some new work, and in in April we were lucky enough to spend a week with the brilliant Theatre Deli

at their Old Library venue as part of their biannual Hop Skip Jump residencies. We were working on a new piece for families called 'Really Big Peas'. We had a fantastic time and have got lots to think about now as we move forward with making the full show.

Amelia has also been working with Dr Karian Schuitema and taking the DIY Puppet Disco to SEN schools as part of Dr Schuitema's Leverhulme Fellowiship research project. As part of that project they ran a lab together at The Broken Puppet 2 Symposium.

And finally, Amelia joined the brilliant AnyoneEveryOne team for their family creative day back in March where the DIY disco went full catepillar - they looked great and as soon as we get the pictures we will post them. It was such a lovely morning for a truly excellent charity and Arts Organisation. We hope we get to do it again soon!

That's it for now, but we should have some news soon about some forthcoming shows with our old friends at get your bikes ready and your tyres pumped and stay tuned....

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