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What we are working on...

We are always working on new projects and plays and all sorts of things in between. Right now we are working on....

Thanks so much to everyone at the Camberwell Arts Festival, we had a brilliant time and thanks to everyone who came to make part-ready puppets! Special thanks to Emily and Sarah for sending their puppet party video which you can watch below!

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

by L. Frank Baum

We were awarded an Arts Council England grant for a period of research and development in February, and supported by Ovalhouse Theatre in South London to work on this new family show for Christmas. We were investigating how we can create a performance environment and production which gives as many audience members as possible access to a magical and engaging show for Christmas as an alternative to Pantomimes (we love panto but we also fancied a challenge to do something a bit different). 

You can have a look at our trailer here

Cast and Creative Team:

Director: Amelia De-Felice

Designer: Ben Wallace

Puppet Designer: Clair Willis

Produced by: Exquisite Folly Theatre.


Josephine Arden

Neil Frost

Nathalie Gibbs

Laura Mugridge

Ginger and The Alien


A brand new show for everyone! We had three great scratch showings at The Egg theatre in Bath,we are now working getting the show on the road.

Ginger and the Alien is a story about a little girl and her dad who find themselves embroiled in an urban adventure with an extra terrestrial twist. If that's not enough for them to think about they must both overcome much more earthly obstacles such as getting past their own front door...


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