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Don Quixote  - A Knight on a Bike, Bikeminded and Exquisite Folly Trailer
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A Christmas Carol on Bikes!
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Alice in Wonderland
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The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus R&D
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Audience comments from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 2012:

'...I loved the interpretation of Alice, and how the environment and locations were used to tell the story...'


'Great fun, excellent crowd, hugely entertaining.'


'One of the best things we have done with my kids for a long time' 


'The actors stayed in part all the way through, and they really made you feel part of the was creative and fun and stimulating.'


'...From the 8 year olds to the 80 year olds, we all enjoyed it. I discovered parts of Chelsea I didn't know about, and they were all beautiful. I'd recommend it to anyone!'


alice DSC8257.jpg

"This was of course no ordinary bike ride.The Ballad of Lord Stanley Oberwain was an inventive twist on theatre, not only taking it out of it’s traditional home and staging it on the streets of Kensington and Chelsea, London, but also  inviting the audience to cycle between locations with the cast...The ride itself was perfectly pitched. After meeting under a lamppost in Holland Park, and an introduction from Lord Stanley himself, we set off across streets, parks, commons and lanes, stopping at various dramatic locations to hear the next part of the ghostly tale.The pace was gentle, and the ride brilliantly organised."


Aoife Glass, Total Womens Cycling. The Ballad of Lord Stanley Oberwain, 2013. 

"Like many dramas involving clowns, there's something unsettling about Lady Bulgatrotsky's Circus. But it's an enchanting tale...its charm lying in the touchingly strained, yet mutually dependent, relationship of high-wire walkers Rovrick (James Robertson) and Lenska (Amelia De-Felice).Theirs is a sinister big top that never leaves town, and ruled with an iron fist by Lady Bulgatrotsky...The pair have a strange relationship, like bickering siblings, childlike and vulnerable, yet with palpable feelings of attraction. They seem to need each other's stories and sense of play, too, which is great fun for the audience, but a little disturbing. Best of all, though, the performance is free - a genuine bargain, given the quality of the acting."


3  Weeks Review, Lady Bulgatrotsky's Circus, 2005.

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