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The Journey Continues...

Our ethos of play and interaction has led us to develop work in the area of enrichment and interpretation. If there is a subject or event or artefact that needs exploring, investigating, or thinking around we can create a bespoke live response to enrich public engagement with your project.


During our successful four year partnership with The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and their Bikeminded initiative we created a bespoke cycling experience (The department for Adventures) for local school children. The aim was to deepen their understanding of the geography and history of their local area, and to underpin and support the work of Bikeminded and the cycling charity Sustrans in that borough in getting young people and their families out and about in their local neighbourhood. 

We also embarked on a joint venture between  RBKC, ourselves and Get Carter PR on making a film over the course of a year showing how children from a local primary school engaged with different forms of sustainable transport in getting to and from school. The film was the record of a years'worth of learning activites, competitions and cycle rides organised by RBKC and Exquisite Folly. Again, the objective was to underpin awareness through play, exploration and experience.


What next? We want to do more of this kind of work, it really excites us. So if you are a museum, gallery or school or any other kind of organisation interested in exploring this style of work please get in touch via our hello page or by clicking here, we would love to hear from you!

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